Free AUTORESPONDER service available

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Free AUTORESPONDER service available

Post  Wendy on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:02 pm

If you have seen the monthly price of some of the autoresponders.
Arrow I can save you a lot of money here.

A full service autoresponder for each member who joins my downline. Exclamation
Just contact me for more information if you have not joined someone elses downline yet.

I can only provide this to those in my direct downline please.

You will need to build this downline with at least 1 new referral per month is all that I ask.
The more referrals you can bring in the more rewards I will try to provide for everyone in my direct downline. You may also be able to pass some of these on to your own downline to support them.

Best regards to you and may god's blessings be upon you.


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Re: Free AUTORESPONDER service available

Post  nicainet on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:46 am


Just posted a reply to the topic "Autoresponders" about the issue of FREE autoresponders I think is useful as a reply to this post as well. So here is a copy of my reply:

In my personal opinion I would NOT use FREE autoresponders as in general they give less or poor results with an increased bouncing rate. This means that not always the emails your autoresponder site send out will not reach their destinations. This, in turn results in LESS sales!

There is also the issue of CONFIDENCE. Many people would have less problem filling in their data on a webform of a well known and respected autoresponder form than on a form managed by a less known "obscure" company! If you would set up a Brick and Mortal business would you set up shop in the poor outside skirts of town or look for the better positioned locations? I am sure the top locations will give better results. It's an issue of WILLING TO INVEST in your business. Remember, your autoresponse provider is like your visiting card you give out to your prospects / clients!

The reason is that the autoresponders have to spend considerable resources and time to maintain good contacts with the email providers and take all the necessary actions to prevent their email addresses from being marked as spam. Obviously, free autoresponders don't have that much resources available to do so.

I have used with great success and without problems GetResponse to include my webform in MySurfBiz. The procedure to design the form is a little different but including the form code in Step1 was as easy as a piece of cake!

Best regards,

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Have you heard of Get Response auto responder

Post  nelsonssurfbiz on Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:44 am

Hello I know of a great auto responder that is free until you get your first 100 followers to your list. If someone can make a video on how to incorporate mysurfbiz into get response i think we will have something great especially for those newbie's that don't have alot of money to get started. Don't pay anything until you get 100 on any list you have.


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Re: Free AUTORESPONDER service available

Post  Myrgeddin on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:58 am

The best free autoresponder I have found so far is Smile
JUST AS good as Aweber with only 2 limitations:

1. It doesn't have the template or any templates to use when setting up a form.
2. You can't turn off the double opt in feature. People who submit their name and email will have to validate their email before any of your auto messages are sent.

But if you don't have the $1 OR just don't wanna deal with adding another bill to be paid Listwire is good until you start making money.


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Re: Free AUTORESPONDER service available

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