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Can Someone Help me? Empty Can Someone Help me?

Post  GeriG00 on Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:48 pm

[b] Ok I have a question for someone here... I put a fake name and real email mail address that I have created in a gmail justt o test out the pre-written letters and there is something wrong with the 1st Pre-witten letter where it says Click Here to check it out those words are not clickable so, how do I fix that? I got my second pre-written email and that one is fine... I don;t know about the third one yet will check that one tomorrow or whenever that one comes. But, in the mean time how do I fix those words Click Here to check it out so, they are clickable? Please let me know ASAP thanks.


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Can Someone Help me? Empty Re: Can Someone Help me?

Post  freeop on Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:52 pm

Go to your Aweber account and from the Home page, click on Messages/Follow up. The Three Emails should be on your screen.

Click on the Message 1 - Interval 0 - "Concerning your Traffic Exchange...."

Now Highlight the "Click Here to check it out"

At the top of the Editor, the 14th icon from the left, mouse over and it should say "Insert/Edit Hyperlink". Click that.

A new mini window should pop up and at the top put your Step2 Link in that box. Then just press the "Apply" button.

Click on the Preview at the bottom and mouse over the links and see if they show up on the bottom of the preview window. Then do it for the second "Click Here to check it out".

If everything is right, close that window.

Then at the bottom, click the Save Message.

Hope that helps.

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