need help with startxchange

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need help with startxchange

Post  nelsonj on Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:40 pm

When placing my link for surfbiz startxchange ask me this question and I don't really understand what they mean. They want a yes or no. Anyone know what to answer yes or no and exactly what is a paid to promote site? I'm assuming it would probably be yes but not sure but isn't everybody so why the question. Here is the question.
YES This site IS a paid to promote website.
NO This site IS NOT a paid to promote website.
thanks for any help
update I went on to the next exchange hit safari and it says this:Please Be Advised that Entering Paid To Promote sites will result in a Deleted Account

I'm beginning to think that we must not be promoting a paid to promote site or else no one would be using these exchanges for my surfbiz. But we do get paid to get members to my surfbiz so I really don't understand what they are meaning now.


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Post  zzzmaczzz on Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:51 pm

Hi Nelsonj
I Don't remember having this message when i signed up with startxchange, however i think you sort of answered your own question as hitsafari accepts sites that are not paid to promote, so i assume that if you select, "NO" this is not a paid to promote site you will be accepted. Please anyone correct me if i'm wrong.
But all the other sites accepted my application on the basis that i am not entering a paid to promote site (therefore Mysurbiz Isn't one).

P.S I'm not sure what a paid to promote site is, i'm also sure someone will soon inform us all

Hope this helps a bit


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