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Setting Up Your SurfBiz Empty Setting Up Your SurfBiz

Post  Jude on Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:10 pm

The step by step set up videos and instructions are clear and easy to follow, however
sometimes we humans tend to complicate things or work too fast or assume things that
we shouldn't, or we simply don't read carefully enough to understand instructions before
we jump in.

My advice to anyone embarking on setting up their surfbiz is to watch, listen and read through
all the videos and instructions entirely once, and even twice if needed, before even starting to
do the first step. study

It might take a bit more time in the beginning but it could save you extra time and effort
later if you have an overview in advance on how the whole set up procedure is supposed to

Plus as you arrive at each step, it will be more familiar, you will remember what you
have already seen in the videos during your initial run-through and therefore you will be
more relaxed and therefore less likely to make a mistake.

I also recommend that you bookmark the 'how to restart' link, in case the cat
jumps on your keyboard and messes things up for you. Laughing It is easier and
faster to start again than to try to fix an error, especially with the text crawler, but
you must delete your initials files so you won't confuse yourself.

It works, and it is easy to do...once you know what you're doing! cheers



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Setting Up Your SurfBiz Empty Re: Setting Up Your SurfBiz

Post  nhankey5 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:29 am

Thanks Jude, sound advice for anyone setting up their mysurfbiz system.

Nick Hankey Smile

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